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How Momma Rolls

So, What’s the Story Here?

Hey, I’m Anna and so glad you’re here! I live in the rural and rainy Pacific Northwest. Along with my sister and brother in law, we manage a hobby farm on our shared acreage. I am not what you would call a natural country woman. I was born and raised in a major West Coast city and have lived my adult life in urban settings. Working the last 30 years government and higher education kept me knee-deep in stress and busy all the time. Now, heading straight for my 50s, I changed the game plan.

I was so blessed to be able to leave the stress of working full time and then to be given the opportunity to move my family onto acreage. Now that I have been able to slow down from the hamster wheel pace of 9-5, I’m getting the chance to examine the things in life that I really enjoy: family, friends, the outdoors, being close to nature, crafts, and writing.

Much of what I blog about doesn’t pass for expert advice, so just think of the articles as sharing personal experiences.  Posts here are sometimes silly, but as genuine as it gets. Posts about what I’ve learned from being a parent, funny lessons from trying something for the first time, an adventure outdoors, learning to care for a few farm animals, and finding new ways to deal with old problems that come with living outside of town.